The Tata 510 SFC TT is the entrance twin-tire freight truck in the LCV class. Tata Motors is now adding more meaning to this modern version of the old truck to assist its clients in increasing their earnings. The Tata 510 SFC TT is a sturdier, more robust vehicle for challenging cargo requirements that can easily tackle rough terrain. This vehicle can be used for any cargo transportation by the consumer. It's time to learn everything about Tata 510 SFC TT Truck here.

Technical Specifications of the Tata 510 SFC TT

Apart from the BS6 compliance, the Tata 510 SFC TT now boasts enhanced power, performance, and low-end torque. And also has maximum gradeability, optional power steering for a more comfortable driving experience, and a unique design. It comes with the 4-cylinder 4SPCR BS6 engine. It aims to generate 100 HorsePower and produces a peak torque of 300 NM.

Furthermore, Tata Motors is the only company in India providing SFC Styled Cabins with the 'Unique NOSE' for maximum safety. 

In addition, this performance-oriented commercial vehicle comes with other modern features such as H2LS Brakes, Power Steering, Fuel-Efficient Engine, In-Built Music System, Mobile Charging Socket, Heat-Resistant features and much more.

This feature-rich can also accomplish a wide range of applications like Poultry, Poultry feed, Food Grain Bags, Water tankers, Parcel & Couriers, FMCG Products, and much more.

Tata 510 SFC TT Price Range

The 510 Tata SFC TT price is at Rs. 12.36 lakh, which can exceed Rs. 12.86 Lakh in India.

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